One of the most rewarding elements of feeding people is eliciting a feeling of nostalgia amongst our clients. As we all know, a reminder of our childhood is always something that brings joy and depth to eating beyond just the flavors themselves. What better way to do that than to recreate a sweet treat that combines an old ice cream truck favorite, diner interaction, and a little whimsy? We give you the build your own Choco Taco dessert experience!

Choco Taco Action Station Set Up

Customizable fun!

Our take on the Choco Taco grew out of a demand for a handheld, bite-sized chocolate dessert which offered countless variations for every guest. How fun is it to offer a customizable, tasty treat? A lot of fun!

Giving guests the freedom to select their own flavors and toppings for their personalized sweet treat is always a hit. We like to offer familiar ice cream flavors: chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. We then offer a variety of dipping options as well as classic toppings such as rainbow sprinkles, crunchy peanuts, and Fruity Pebbles to name a few.

Choco Taco Action Station Toppings

Flavors, dipping glazes, and toppings

This dessert offers you the ability to serve a tailor-made experience for your guests by simply modifying the flavors and toppings. Part of the fun is the station’s WOW factor! We utilize copper double boilers to contain the dipping glazes, keeping them warm and also adding to the “chocolate shoppe” aesthetic.

We produce mini shells out of wonton wrappers, deep-fried until golden brown and crispy, and fashioned into little tacos. Softened ice cream is piped into the bottom of each shell and frozen until transport to your event.

You may think the preparation could be messy, but we’ve got you covered. We use pretty platters to catch any drops falling from the taco once it was dipped in the warm glaze and sprinkled with each guest’s choice of topping.

Choco Taco Action Station Ready to Enjoy!

Fun, interactive, and delicious, this station is truly a delight!

Would you like a Choco Taco station at your wedding reception, corporate gathering, or other social event? Let us know and we can transform your vision into reality!