There are several decisions that go into planning a wedding, and one of the biggest ones is deciding on the wedding venue.

To be sure, finding the perfect wedding venue isn’t easy! While it’s important to choose a venue that is meaningful to the couple, other aspects such as budget, logistics, and availability should also be considered.

The venue you choose for your wedding sets the tone for your event, whether you choose an indoor or outdoor venue. Both have their pros and cons, but thankfully, a venue like Independence Grove offers the best of both worlds.

Why You Should Have an Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

An indoor wedding may be practical, but weather permitting holding an outdoor wedding can be a great option. No matter the season, an outdoor wedding will always look beautiful.

Here’s why:

  • The outdoors provide a gorgeous backdrop for weddings. Humans can build beautiful things, but nothing beats the beauty of nature. Whether in a garden, by the beach, or along a lake, there’s no need to go overboard on decorations because the view is enough. Imagine having your ceremony in the North Patio, with the South Bay in the background. After the ceremony, guests can proceed to have cocktails by the lake, while the couple is having their photos taken by the forest preserve. There’s a covering outside of the main building so that you can still hold cocktails even if it’s drizzling outside.
  • Enough space. Whether you’re having a large or intimate wedding, an outdoor wedding provides enough space to accommodate your wedding guests.
  • Better wedding photos. Photographers cannot emphasize enough how natural lighting is the best for photography. It adds a soft warmth that makes photographs come out looking magical.

Outdoor wedding ceremony in the Native Garden

Outdoor wedding by the lake in Chicago

However, there are some considerations to having an outdoor wedding, the biggest one being the weather. You’ll never know if it may turn. And since you can’t control it, you must always have a backup plan which can also incur an additional cost.

Why Hold Your Wedding at Independence Grove

Ready for some good news?

When you decide to hold your wedding at Independence Grove, upon renting you have the whole place to yourself. Whether you decide to hold your wedding indoors or outdoors, you have the best of both worlds without incurring those additional costs!

We have beautiful indoor spaces that feature huge wraparound windows for the ceremony in case you’re planning an outdoor wedding and it rains. Even if you prefer to have an indoor wedding, you’ll still have access to a beautiful backdrop.

The Best Time to Hold an Outdoor Wedding

Fall is an especially popular time for outdoor weddings because the weather is cool and people love taking photos with all the different colored leaves. Winter also makes for hauntingly beautiful black and white photos, especially with the bare trees and snow. Summer is the perfect season for daytime weddings, as well as spring, when the flowers are in bloom.

Be it spring, summer, fall, or winter, all seasons make for beautiful outdoor wedding photo opportunities at Independence Grove.

Outdoor wedding at Independence Grove

Final Thoughts: Why You Should Have an Outdoor Wedding at Independence Grove

Outdoor weddings are always popular, and for a good reason. Having an outdoor wedding allows you to celebrate your most special day in a place you love, with a beautiful backdrop for your memories, and flexibility around the ceremony and reception. At Independence Grove, you don’t have to worry about the possibility of your outdoor wedding being affected by the weather, since you also have access to our indoor ceremony and reception venue.

Whether you hold your wedding indoors or outdoors, Independence Grove has got you covered! Get in touch to learn more and start planning your dream celebration.