Autumn. The word itself elicits images of nesting, comfort, and all the cozy feels. We slow down, both in our lives and in our cooking. It’s a time when our thoughts of food transition from the bright freshness of summer to the warm heartiness of harvest. The immediacy of tossed-together salads and quick-grilled proteins transform into deep roasted vegetables and slowly braised meats. It’s a time to reflect, appreciate, and harvest all the beautiful feelings which have ripened over the summer.

Autumn at IG

At Independence Grove, we are fortunate to watch the changing of the seasons right outside our door. The variegated greens of summer give way to the brilliant oranges, reds, and yellows of autumn. Similarly, on our plate, bright new potatoes mature, becoming deeply caramelized sweet potatoes. Herbed chicken breasts mellow into slow-roasted turkey. Everything about Autumn celebrates the patience of waiting for the last falling leaves and the promise of comforting fare.